11 September 2013

{babies} Little Isabelle

Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes | This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting the most precious 2 month old, Isabelle.  From the moment I stepped in her parents' home, I knew the shoot was about to be packed full of fun.  With each type of shoot I do, I feel like I'm constantly learning.  There's so much involved with shooting a client that so small but the end result is well worth it.
Remember to catch the little details (Photo: Leanila Baptiste)
1. Props:

Props are important...very important!  Okay, not so much.  If you're into them, cool; get props!  If you're not really an "Anne Geddes" photographer, don't force yourself to be one.  Not every cool baby photographer uses props and costumes, and while they are very cute, so is just a simple shot of a mom holding her baby.  Let's face it, babies are cute without doing much.  Props just add to the cuteness.
When all else fails, shoot the props and costumes (Photo: Leanila Baptiste)
Isabelle was so cute in this tutu for all of the two seconds she allowed me to shoot her in it. (Photo: Leanila Baptiste)
For this shoot, I did use props (because I actually do goo and gaa over the props).  I came through the door loaded with my goodie bag full of props.  However, when I walked through the door, there was the cutest baby in a pink tutu laying on a velvet-textured sofa.  I glanced around the room, and saw a textured coffee table, leather stool, wooden tray, and a basket with a blanket.  There were so many textures, colors and cute costumes, all of which her mom picked out; there was no need for me to pull out my bag of goodies.   So, for those who like props but don't have any, look around the house and you may very well stumble on some gems.  When looking for gems, look for textured pieces, natural fibers, cool patters, and pops of color.

2. Patience:

It's just that simple.  Have patience when shooting babies.  Three things babies are guaranteed to do is eat, sleep, and cry.  Be prepared for stops between shots, and allow for that extra time in between shooting.

3. Set the Mood

I saw online that a photographer uses baby sounds to while shooting to help calm the baby.  So, when we had a restless little model on our hands, I decided to find nature sounds for babies on my iPhone and I placed it near the baby.  And if the baby is wrapped in a blanket, place the music directly under the blanket.  The sound of a heartbeat or running water can be very soothing to a baby, and make the baby feel as if he/she is being held closely to the mother.

3. The Details

When shooting in the baby's home, be sure to capture the details in his or her room. A stuffed animal, toy truck, blanket, or doll; details help tell a story.
Start with these pointers, and remember to have fun.  Everything else should fall into place!

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